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Presenting Charon Hill

Charon Hill is a Philly born singer songwriter. Born to a singer and musician her love for music came at an early age. Expressed through church musicals and school plays she’s never shy’d away from a spotlight . The grand daughter of famed gospel singer Johnnie Jones (Augusta, Ga native) member of the Legendary Swanee … Continue reading Presenting Charon Hill

URBANO – Are You? (Official Video)

URBANO seamlessly blends elements of Pop and Hip Hop in their video for ‘Are You’. In addition to their sound, the visuals are also very refreshing. The classic film elements combined with the brilliant lighting effects make for a very enchanting experience. Check it out for yourself, and be sure to share! Follow URBANO on Social … Continue reading URBANO – Are You? (Official Video)

J and the 9s – Love to Be (Official Video)

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this band is bringing some serious rock to today’s music landscape. If you’re tired of the same old junk on the radio, then listen to this! Follow J and the 9s on Social Media Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | SoundCloud   Purchase this track BandCamp | … Continue reading J and the 9s – Love to Be (Official Video)

What’s Famous ft. Chel

Bringing massive dynamics and versatility to rap & hip-hop music, underground superstar & independent solo-artist Trenton P has become a major player in the St. Louis scene. Through years spent dedicated to refining his craft and taking control of his career with smart moves and swift lyrics, Currently prepping material and working on his fourth … Continue reading What’s Famous ft. Chel

bout it – Wave ft. Nay (prod. Oshi)

These two musicians are a force to be reckoned with. Check out their debut song, and be sure to share! Follow Wave on Social Media Twitter

BLU Skies by Jiro /BPENT

Take a break and enjoy this chill jam by Jiro.

The Dirty Bronze E.P.

Dirty Bronze is a trio consisting of Yung Plus Anutha (vocalist), DJ Tr@ckAddict (DJ/Producer), and Will Wundah Ghost$pace (DJ/Producer/Drums). The trio combines simple and emotive melodies, laden with sample based production and intricate drum patterns. Dirty Bronze takes production techniques to different places and will continue to push the boundaries hip hop. With their debut … Continue reading The Dirty Bronze E.P.

BLOW_FLYY Is On the Rise

In today’s world of hip-hop, the skill that it takes to become a dope emcee is becoming less and less important. Nowadays, all it takes is a catchy beat and a mumble or two. Fortunately, we’ve got people like blow_flyy to raise the bar. Check out his performance at Toronto’s own Revival Bar to get … Continue reading BLOW_FLYY Is On the Rise

Rob Clove – Future Woman

Rob Clove is a R&B Soul Singer/Saxophonist from Fayetteville, NC based in New York City. His compositions are all original and feature live instrumentation including 5 other great musicians who bring his written music to life on the soon to be released EP “Energy of Humanity” (spotify, itunes, etc). Recently, he had the opportunity in … Continue reading Rob Clove – Future Woman

Van Leeuwen – I Still ft. Kehlani (Official Music Video)

Prepare for major emotional overload, because this video by Van Leeuwen is sure to stir up some repressed feelings. Follow Van Leeuwen on Social Media Official Website | Twitter | Facebook

Cue Trax – Diamond District

Based in Staten Island, New York, Cue Trax is a producer with a very impressive resume. Having already worked with many members of Wu-tang Clan, Kofi Black, and & Jojo Pellegrino, it’s safe to say that this producer is well on his way to tremendous success. His latest track, entitled Diamond District, Cue Trax combines Raggae and Pop for … Continue reading Cue Trax – Diamond District

ZENDE – Cherry Cola (Prod by Moods)

ZENDE is back with another classic! With a sound that’s comparable to many of the best around the world, this artist is definitely raising the standard for what it means to be a rapper from Pittsburgh. Check out his latest track below and be sure to share. Follow ZENDE on Social Media Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | … Continue reading ZENDE – Cherry Cola (Prod by Moods)

Conrad II – MDD

Back in the glory days of Odd Future, this was the kind of raw, unadulterated, angry hip-hop that we all came to know and love. But like all great things, this era came and went with the group’s . Fortunately, we’ve got artists like Conrad II striving to bring it back. With his heavy-hitting delivery, deep background … Continue reading Conrad II – MDD

“#SMGW” – Poon Goons

  This hop-hop duo is bringing more originality, creativity, and fun to the world of hip-hop. Chances are that when you think of Texas hip-hop, artists like UGK & Kirko Bangz come to mind. However, the Poon Goons are hoping to change that. They’ve combined the satirical wordplay of Ludacris with the speed and diction … Continue reading “#SMGW” – Poon Goons

Fair Fight LV – Full House

This Las Vegas hip-hop group is well on their way to making it big. The team, consisting of Mill Yunz, Mont Gotti, BizZzle, Geo L, Tozzi, & Migggy, takes a very unique spin on hip-hop by combining traditional trap sounds with some electronic influences. It’s totally a breath of fresh air to discover a new group like … Continue reading Fair Fight LV – Full House

Firestone – Kygo (Ft. Conrad Sewell) (Cover) (Kangaroo Jak Remix)

Hailing from Palatine, IL, Kangaroo Jak is killing it with their original remixes! This duo, comprised of Alec Billard and Grant Summers, has a very impressive discography and there’s no telling how far they’ll go. With the ever increasing amount of gimmicky DJ’s and producers, it’s quite refreshing to hear a group like this. Check out their … Continue reading Firestone – Kygo (Ft. Conrad Sewell) (Cover) (Kangaroo Jak Remix)

FredStar – Status

Hailing from New Jersey, FredStar is a true MC with an early 90’s feel. His flow, style, and beat selection are all a stern reminder that real hip-hop is alive and well; you just have to take your ear to the underground. Listen to his discography here and check out the first visual from his upcoming … Continue reading FredStar – Status

ZENDE – Brownskin (Ft Cj Tonic) (Prod by BNJMN)

This artist is definitely someone to keep your eye on. Check out his song ‘Brownskin’ below and be sure to share: Follow ZENDE on Social Media Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud  

Mr. Smith – Warning Label

Mr.Smith is an attorney by day, and a talented musician by night. Hailing from the city of Albany, Ga, this musician is keeping Rhythm & Soul alive in today’s ever degrading musical landscape. Having already written for several global chart toppers, Mr.Smith has decided that it’s time to debut his own music. Check out the … Continue reading Mr. Smith – Warning Label

TheKunig – What?

TheKunig is definitely a rarity in today’s musical landscape. He skillfully combines jazz, synth sounds, samples, and his own vocals into very unique compositions. His sounds have generated so much buzz that he’s been featured on both BBC Radio as well as Central FM Spain. This is especially impressive once you consider that he’s a … Continue reading TheKunig – What?

Sherpa – The Mind

Sherpa is a Norwegian collective with a very funky and unique style. Their music takes elements from Jazz, Hip-Hop, and indie music yet still sounds totally original. According to them, their music “hovers in a place between the Gorillaz and the Roots“. Check out the official video for their song ‘The Mind‘ and be sure to share! Follow Sherpa … Continue reading Sherpa – The Mind


This Southern California rapper is carving his own lane in the hip-hop world. His sound is like Earl Sweatshirt meets Vince Staples, but with a very genuine, personal touch. What I mean to say is that he comes across as his own person; which is always refreshing. Check out a few of his tracks below and … Continue reading Chaps.

Night Talks – Green

Hailing from the city of Los Angeles, Night Talks is an alternative rock band with some very dope chops. Check out their track ‘Green‘ and be sure to share with a fellow music lover.   Follow Night Talks on Social Media Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

Underclock – Azul

Hailing from Galician, Spain, Underclock is an electronic producer with a very creative spirit. His unique choice of visuals and sounds makes helps him to stand out tremendously amongst other contemporary producers. Check out his track ‘Azul‘ and be sure to share.   Follow Azul on Social Media Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | BandCamp … Continue reading Underclock – Azul