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What’s Famous ft. Chel

Bringing massive dynamics and versatility to rap & hip-hop music, underground superstar & independent solo-artist Trenton P has become a major player in the St. Louis scene. Through years spent dedicated to refining his craft and taking control of his career with smart moves and swift lyrics, Currently prepping material and working on his fourth … Continue reading What’s Famous ft. Chel

The Dirty Bronze E.P.

Dirty Bronze is a trio consisting of Yung Plus Anutha (vocalist), DJ Tr@ckAddict (DJ/Producer), and Will Wundah Ghost$pace (DJ/Producer/Drums). The trio combines simple and emotive melodies, laden with sample based production and intricate drum patterns. Dirty Bronze takes production techniques to different places and will continue to push the boundaries hip hop. With their debut … Continue reading The Dirty Bronze E.P.

BLOW_FLYY Is On the Rise

In today’s world of hip-hop, the skill that it takes to become a dope emcee is becoming less and less important. Nowadays, all it takes is a catchy beat and a mumble or two. Fortunately, we’ve got people like blow_flyy to raise the bar. Check out his performance at Toronto’s own Revival Bar to get … Continue reading BLOW_FLYY Is On the Rise