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“As for me, I would be my own boss watching my work reach across the nation. I’d have everything from major record placements to big screen movies, and my photography would be all over billboards and magazines.” Nowadays, it seems like most music producers are going down the same creative path. There doesn’t appear to be very much … Continue reading June Jissle ( Next Up || Interview )

“Stay true to who you really are. That person always wins…” A few weeks ago, I had the chance to DJ a friend’s opening performance for none other than Father. To my delight, both he and his crew were super cool people. Towards the middle of the show, I pulled one of the performers aside … Continue reading LuiDiamonds ( Struggle Story || Interview )

“Some time later, he invited me to the old Neptunes studio in Virginia beach. Since then, I started working as hard as possible.” I never thought I’d ever have the chance to interview someone quite like this. Daniel Biltmore has traveled around the globe, worked with industry legends, and formed a DJ collective with the … Continue reading Daniel Biltmore ( STRUGGLE STORY || INTERVIEW )

choo jackson

“Damn… I would say to be more patient and less passive. Stop letting people shit on you and stop taking their word so easily. Doing this has led me to more success.” Q: Who are you? I go by the stage name ‘Choo Jackson’. I’m just a normal black dude from Chambersburg, Pa.   Q: What inspired and/or … Continue reading Choo Jackson ( STRUGGLE STORY || INTERVIEW )

“I was young, maybe 13 years old when I first started rapping. Then, I started making beats at 15. Just this year, I started recording myself.” Montell Fish is a one of a kind musician. His infusion of  trippy instrumentals with meaningful lyrics will undoubtedly land him on several magazine covers one day. Learn where … Continue reading Montell Fish ( Next Up || Interview )

“I tell myself that in 2 years, I’m gonna be on the scene. I’m gonna be ‘THAT up-and-coming artist’. Lord knows what I can do in 5 years. “ When you think of the Midwest, chances are that you don’t associate it with hip-hop, but this musician is working to change that. Hakim is an … Continue reading eyeHakim ( Next Up || Interview )

Ronny J Listen Up

“…Once we put it out, Chris Brown co-signed it, tweeted it, and put it on his Instagram.” — Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) March 18, 2015 I’ve begun to notice a common theme with these stories. It seems that every musician, producer, and DJ who’s realized their success can remember a time when they were on … Continue reading RONNYJ LISTEN UP ( Struggle Story || Interview )

No Sleep

“Mac Miller and I were in a band together when I was in 9th grade and he was in 8th. This was the first thing that really got me into taking music seriously.” It isn’t everyday that you learn a musical sensation lives in your city. Once I realized that No Sleep  is a fellow Pittsburgh native, … Continue reading No Sleep ( STRUGGLE STORY || INTERVIEW )

Woody's Produce

One day, I was in the kitchen washing an apple for a client. When I turned around, I saw Kanye West playing pool! Woody’s Produce isn’t your average producer. He’s worked with some insanely talented musicians, multi-million dollar companies, and major T.V. networks. Yet, he still manages to fly under the radar. Learn how he … Continue reading Woody’s Produce ( STRUGGLE STORY || INTERVIEW )


…Over time, he really started to believe in what I was doing. Then one day, he spoke to Joe Kay about me. After that, Joe hit me up and invited me to be on the 100k album! When it comes to finding great music, nowadays you have to do some heavy digging. It seems as though the … Continue reading Khadisma ( Struggle Story || Interview )